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ICON South Beach Condos Designer, Philippe Starck Back in All His Glory with the SLS

ICON South Beach Condos Designer, Philippe Starck Back in All His Glory with the SLS

by Sep Niakan | May 08, 2012

Eccentric designer Philippe Starck, with his penchant for original boutique hotel designs, has worked his magic on the SLS South Beach and how. One of the most anticipated hotel openings of the year, the SLS has taken quite a few chances in terms of design. This does not come as much of a surprise, since Philippe Starck, renowned French designer of the ICON Brickell and ICON South Beach condos, has been entrusted with the job of putting his unique twist on interiors.

When it comes to Philippe, only word can sum up the interiors – Risqué, irrespective of whether they are condo or hotel designs. And, the SLS is slowly being revealed to be one of the finest examples of his risqué approach. For instance, the guestrooms feature a ceiling mirror that promise to take naughty to a new level. The reception is said to include a retro American camp theme complete with distressed wood, appropriate lighting, wooden kayak hanging from the ceiling and vintage camping trip shots. Also, Chef Jose Andres’ restaurant “Bazaar” will be covered in acid yellow, from the book shelves to the paintings and even the photographs, somewhat of a follow-up to the famous chandelier placed by him in an uber-classy Miami condo spa.

While the rest of the décor and interiors will be revealed only once the South Beach hotel opens this summer, but by the looks of it, it seems that Philippe will once again be the talk of the town. For those truly in love with Philippe’s work, a Miami condo in either of the ICON properties only seems to be a fitting choice. Both properties, the ICON Brickell and ICON South Beach feature signature designs by YOO that have been inspired by Starck. While the ICON South Beach condos offer their residents the ultimate in contemporary living with four unique interior design themes by Philippe, the ICON Brickell condos offer absolute waterfront luxury complete with his famous dark cave entrance and acid yellow chandelier illuminating the spa plunge pool. Both properties have thus been aptly called the “iconic” jewels of Miami condos.

Click for more insight on the ICON Brickell and ICON South Beach condos.

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