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David Beckham’s Soccer Stadium Proposal Under Attack by Miami Seaport Alliance

David Beckham’s Soccer Stadium Proposal Under Attack by Miami Seaport Alliance

by Sep Niakan | October 29, 2014

Soccer Star David Beckham’s proposal for a new soccer stadium in PortMiami was under dispute recently, and it seems that the issue has become quite complex.

Many advertisements that oppose the stadium’s presence are being spread through many media. The ads and other opposing messages, are coming from the Miami Seaport Alliance, a group of companies bent on stopping the stadium from happening because they believe it will hinder their businesses.

John Fox, former Vice President of Royal Caribbean, is the head of the alliance. Fox faced off against Beckham’s representative, Neisen Kasdin, in a public forum.

Beckham’s company presented their argument for the stadium. “I think David Beckham is immensely popular in Miami as well as the world.” Said Kasdin, “I think even amongst people who are opposed to the stadium, they want to see David Beckham here because they think it’ll be great for Miami. David Beckham has a particular vision for how this will work and work well. And that includes a site that is in or near downtown and the water.”

On the other hand, Fox opposes the idea. “David Beckham is hot, he's sexy, he's an icon, he's a brand. Everybody in the community gets that.” Said Fox, “But they're sort of building him up to be this person that's going to save our community. We've been here 125 years. We have all kinds of icons in this community," said Fox.

For the meantime, no one, including the alliance, has suggested a different location, and Beckham is still working with the County Commission in order to secure the PortMiami property.



Photo credit: David Beckam

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