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Solution to Climate Change Could Be a Problem for Biscayne Bay

Solution to Climate Change Could Be a Problem for Biscayne Bay

by Sep Niakan | March 02, 2015

As the climate in South Florida is changing for the worse, scientists are discovering even more side effects. Biscayne Bay could be flooded by waters not safe for swimming.

According to Henry O. Briceno, a geologist for the Florida International University, the pumps that will be installed to keep Miami Beach dry will flood Biscayne Bay with phosphorus and nitrogen, polluting the waters. That combination could kill marine life and grow algae at an accelerated rate, turning the water bright green and making it unsafe for swimming.

In the next three to five years, Miami Beach may spend over $300 million to install up to 70 new pumps, which could pump 20,000 gallons per minute to keep the island dry.


“You have a dry city. A very safe city,” with the pumps, Briceno said, “but you won’t have any beaches to bring tourists.” Briceno has presented his research to Miami Beach officials, but they have said the work needs more monitoring.

Bruce Mowry, Engineer for the City of Miami Beach believes that equipping pumps with devices that filter the pollution, as well as increase street sweeping and gutter cleaning, will keep the pollutants from destroying Biscayne Bay.

Briceno, however, is not convinced it will help.



Photo credit: Biscayne Bay

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