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LeBron Spends His Breaks in Miami, but His House Is Still for Sale

LeBron Spends His Breaks in Miami, but His House Is Still for Sale

by Sep Niakan | March 11, 2015

Even though the star basketball player may no longer play for the Miami Heat, LeBron James still plans on spending his breaks from the NBA in the Miami area.

LeBron put a picture up on his Instagram account of him at DBC Fitness, which is a new workout facility in the Design District owned by David Alexander. During this time, LeBron was on a short break following the All Star Game in New York.

Back in January, LeBron was injured and recovered by spending a few days in Miami.

Even though this is all true, LeBron is still trying to sell his extravagant Miami home. His 12,000 square-foot home is on the market today for an asking price of $17 million. This is the same it has been since he put it on the market a few months ago.



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