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Automatic Robotic Parking Garage System Slower than Imagined, and Many Residents Are Angry

Automatic Robotic Parking Garage System Slower than Imagined, and Many Residents Are Angry

by Sep Niakan | June 11, 2015

What was originally supposed to be a stress reliever for commuters in Miami, is now causing them more stress as the state-of-the-art robotic parking garage at Brickell House is working slower than imagined.

The residents of Brickell House, where one-bedroom apartments cost about $2,500 per month, were promised a new robotic system that would get their cars ready for them in less than 10 minutes, but the electronic valets are not working fast enough for rush hour.

During regular times of the day, the parking garage system works just fine, but when it comes time for rush hour, many commuters complain about 30 minute waits. In an attempt to ease the pain, garage attendants have been offering free Starbucks to ease peoples’ nerves.

“I’ve already been late to several, important board meetings at work,” Beatriz Guerrero, a marketing executive and resident of Brickell House said, “I’m worried about losing my job.” Guerrero demanded a discount on rent due to the poor parking procedures, but they did not budge.

As more tenants are moving into Brickell House, delays are getting worse. “It feels like we’re guinea pigs for testing,” Guerrero said.

However, management has stated it will close the garage and perform software updates in hopes that it will increase the speeds of the parking retrieval.



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