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Back to school

Back to school

by Sep Niakan | August 29, 2017

Septembers can be a sobering time for most as we say goodbye to summertime frolic. Kids are either back to school or are gearing up for it. Parents are busy running around, trying to get everything and every kid organized. It’s back to the daily grind and business as usual.
Those without children don’t have it easy either. They’re winding down from the holidays, reminiscing about the great getaway(s) they had, as tan lines get replaced with deadlines. 

OK, so it’s not actually that bad. For those in Miami, we can look forward to a bit of a cool down and lower humidity, and our friends that live in cities with four seasons, fall brings brisker weather and pretty leaves.
Another thing we look forward to this month is our sleepy real estate market coming back to life. Summertime is slow for Miami’s real estate as most locals are out on vacation, snowbirds go back home and spring breakers rule the roost. But, as we head towards the end of the third quarter, things usually start to fall in place. 

September also comes as a reminder for snowbirds. As they say on the Game of Thrones, ‘winter is coming!’ It’s time for snowbirds to actually take stock of how they want to spend their winter, since the cold is only a few months away. Their hometown won’t be as warm and welcoming anymore, and a little sunshine never hurt anybody.
On that note, hope everyone has a bright and sunny September - I know we in Miami have lots of sunshine to share!




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