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Biscayne Beach Condo Launch Sneak Preview (Photos)

by Sep Niakan | May 06, 2017

Biscayne Beach has launched! As of Friday, May 5th, over 50 units have already closed and many scheduled daily. It was a rainy day when I visited, so I didn't get all the exterior photos I wanted (I will try to add them later!). The building...


Guide to Miami’s Top Farmers’ Markets

by Sep Niakan | May 03, 2017

With spring in full swing, it’s time to shed those extra pounds (and clothing) for a cool dip in the ocean. And, what better way than to fill up on healthy, delicious eats found at your local farmers’ market. Miami’s sprawling with...

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It’s Raining Jobs in Miami!

by Sep Niakan | May 02, 2017

Anybody who’s ever lived in Miami knows this place is a people’s magnet. Sometimes it’s the beaches, sometimes it’s events like Art Basel, and sometimes it’s our ultra-luxury condos like a Porsche or Fendi that has...

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Luxury Miami Condo Report : March 2017

by Sep Niakan | April 20, 2017

Miami Luxury Condo Report Overall Market Summary City and Neighborhood Luxury Condo Reports              Miami Beach Luxury Condo Report                  ...