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Sep’s Top Picks for Miami Spice 2016

by Sep Niakan | September 11, 2016

I’m a big fan of Miami Spice and actually wait for it to catch up on the places I haven’t tried in a while as well as those that have been on my wishlist. It’s the perfect time to discover some new favorites without breaking the...


Why Miami is The Rudest City in the U.S.

by Sep Niakan | September 08, 2016

Perhaps it’s our love of staying on top of trends, or maybe we are a bit aloof, whatever it is, Travel + Leisure’s latest survey ranks Miami as the No.1 Rudest City in the U.S. We’ve left behind the likes of New York City (No. 3),...


Going carless in Miami

by Sep Niakan | August 28, 2016

I just traded in my Mercedes E350 Sedan for . . . . (drum roll please) . . . nothing. That's right, I traded my car in for no car at all. Or, rather, I traded my car in for Uber and Lyft. Miami is more walkable than ever. Uber and Lyft's...


Unleash Your Hunger, Miami Spice is Back Again

by Sep Niakan | August 02, 2016

It’s that time of year again when you can safely go restaurant-hopping without burning a hole in your pocket. The wallet-friendly (though not lightweight) Miami Spice is here to give us a taste of off-beat creations to gourmet delights from...


Sep’s take on summers in Miami…

by Sep Niakan | August 01, 2016

We’re in mid-summer and quite frankly, I love it. I know it’s hotter and more humid than usual this year (at least it feels like it). But to me, summertime in Miami is when I can finally have my city back, as most of the tourists have...


Wynwood Yard: The Art District’s Newest Little Secret

by Sep Niakan | July 31, 2016

Miami’s Wynwood is bustling with creativity and new, high quality approaches to things, and as a lover of variety and quality, nothing excites me more. This time a friend’s suggestion and my curiosity brought me down to Wynwood Yard. The...


Wake Up Miami - Replace Monday Morning Blues with Jazz, Folk and More

by Sep Niakan | July 24, 2016

If the Government Center Metrorail/Metromover Station lands up on your route on Monday mornings, then you’re in luck. You can look forward to 60 minutes of free live entertainment with ‘Wake up Miami!’ - the perfect, playful...


Miami Beach Commissioners May Soon Approve an Ocean Drive Clean-Up Plan

by Sep Niakan | February 24, 2016

After several years of residents complaining about loud noise, petty crime, sidewalks being overcrowded, and so much more, Miami Beach is finally taking steps to clean up Ocean Drive. The land use committee of Miami Beach, which is run by many...


Will Miami Be New New Amsterdam?

by Sep Niakan | May 14, 2015

Live in Miami long enough and you won’t be alarmed at the common summer-time sight of canoes and paddle boards floating down flooded streets.  Lately, however, experts are really shining the global warming spotlight on Miami. Miami Beach...


Miami Beach Committees Combat Rising Sea Levels

by Sep Niakan | April 08, 2015

Nature can be ruthless and unpredictable as time goes on. In recent months, scientists have been studying the sea levels in the Miami area and have noticed that they are rising without anything to stop it. Thomas Mooney, the Miami Beach Planning...