Brickell Heights Has Arrived! A Review of the Condo and its Amenities (Photo Blog)

Founder, & Owner/Broker, HB Roswell Realty
Brickell Heights Has Arrived! A Review of the Condo and its Amenities (Photo Blog)
Founder, & Owner/Broker, HB Roswell Realty

Jul 18, 2017 July 18, 2017

Brickell Heights Has Arrived in Style!

Brickell heights started closings in June at a rapid pace, and so far I have seen and heard nothing but good things about the building and have had great experience with the staff and management there. That is a great early sign! Unlike many other buildings I have sold preconstruction in the past, all the amenities were 100% complete by the time my clients closed -- another great start for the building. There are only a couple of final permit inspections to allow for the rooftop pool to be open for use, but it looks great!

Overall I have been very impressed.

The views from the north side of the building are primarily of Brickell City Centre, which is beautiful. The south views are of Mary Brickell Village, the Brickell skyline and the water in the distance if you are high enough.

The owners facing the north side of the Brickell Heights West Tower unfortunately have pretty obstructed views because of the adjacent building, which I believe is a rental building that is currently under construction and already topped off. And the north units facing the Brickell Heights East tower will also be disappointed to hear that a 75 story tower has been approved for the lot directly north of the tower, which will eventually significantly obstruct their views which current are of Brickell City Centre.

Lucky for my clients, I suggested all of them to buy facing south or to buy a corner unit. Whew!

Brickell Heights Easter Tower Exterior from Pool Deck
Brickell Heights East Tower from Pool Deck

Brickell Heights Port Cochere entrance in Brickell MiamiBrickell Heights Port Cochere Entrance


The lobby of both Brickell Heights towers is well-appointed, stylish airy and comfortable.

Brickell Heights West Tower Lobby
West Tower Lobby

Brickell Heights West Tower Lobby
West Tower Lobby

Brickell Heights East Tower Lobby
East Tower Lobby

Interior photo
First Floor Elevator Foyer


Conference Room

Brickell Heights Conference Room

Brickell Heights Conference Room

Brickell Heights Theatre Room

They blew it out of the park with the design of the theatre room. I didn't catch all the technical details of the surround sound, etc, but it looks comfy and stylish!

Brickell Heights Theatre Room

Brickell Heights Theatre Room

Brickell Heights Theatre Room

Children's Play Room

The childrens playroom at Brickell Heights is very spacious and well-stocked with fun things. I live at Paramount Bay, and it definitely has us beat on all levels. Of course this does service two condo towers. But either way it is well-done and beyond adequate.

Brickell Heights Children's Playroom

Brickell Heights Club / Entertainment Room

The club rooms at Brickell Heights (there is one on the East tower and West tower) are really gorgeous and welcoming and set up to enable fun parties!Brickell Heights Club Entertainment Room

Brickell Heights Club Room Pool Table

Brickell Heights Club Room

Brickell Heights Club Room

Brickell Heights West Tower Club Room

Brickell Heights West Tower Club Room Amenity Photo

Interior photo

Brickell Heights Pool

The pool at Brickell Heights is on the 9th floor amenity deck and is placed between the two towers. Sunbathers will likely have to track down sun on one part or another of the pool deck depending on the season and time of day. If you want to get more guaranteed sunlight, you can head up to the rooftop pool of either tower.

The pool has a graduated beach-style entrance, which I have always been fond of for a slow and measured way to get into the pool and very family friendly. :)

The gray structures on either end of the pool have a waterfall feature that was not on when we took these photos, but it is a very pretty site to see when they are on.

Brickell Heights Pool Deck Seating

Brickell Heights Pool with Beach Style Entrance.

Brickell Heights Pool Deck

Mini Golf at Brickell HeightsMini golf on the Brickell Heights outside pool/amenities deck

Brickell Heights Gym and Spa Amenities

Brickell Heights Spa

Brickell Heights Gym

Amenity photo

Interior photo

Interior photo

Brickell Heights Rooftop Pool

What an incredible view from the rooftop pool at Brickell Heights. Both the East and West towers have the rooftop pool deck.Rooftop pool deck at Brickell Heights

Rooftop pool deck at Brickell Heights

Rooftop pool deck at Brickell Heights

Seating at Rooftop pool deck at Brickell Heights

Incredible Miami Skyline View from the Rooftop pool deck at Brickell Heights

Beautiful miami water and skyline view from the Rooftop pool deck at Brickell Heights



Living roomBalcony

Interior photo

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