435 21st Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139
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Artecity Key Details

Avg Price / Sq Ft
Avg Assoc Fee
$0.96 / sq ft / month
Walk Score®
Pets OK for Owners & Renters, Large Pets Allowed

Artecity Amenities

Pool, Heated Pool
General Amenities
Club Room, Community Room, Elevator
Yes, Garage, Valet
Exercise Room

Additional Property Details

Available Condos at Artecity

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Artecity Floor Plans

Artecity Floor Plans
Apt #ModelBed/BathFloorsInterior + Ext (Sq Ft)
NORTH TOWER1/1.51761 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/11800 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.51815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.51815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.51755 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.51823 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/11855 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/12832 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/12800 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.52815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.52815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 1/1.52755 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/2+Den21027 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.52928 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/13832 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/13800 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.53815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 1/1.53815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 1/1.53755 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/2+Den31027 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.53928 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/14832 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/14800 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.54815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.54815 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.54755 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/15800 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.55755 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.56928 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/211053 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/211402 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/221053 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/221314 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/221398 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/231053 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/231314 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/231398 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 2/241053 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 2/241314 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 2/241398 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 2/251268 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/251200 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 2/251053 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/251314 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/251398 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/261268 + N/A
NORTH TOWER 2/261205 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/261200 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/261178 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/261453 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/261314 + N/A
NORTH TOWER2/261398 + N/A
NORTH TOWER3/342000 + N/A
NORTH TOWER3/352000 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51789 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51760 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51789 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51760 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51794 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51800 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51800 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.51800 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.52816 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.53789 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.53789 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.53789 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.53816 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER1/1.54816 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241027 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER 2/221092 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221228 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221190 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221212 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221354 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221228 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221105 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221144 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/221163 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231092 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231190 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231354 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231228 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231105 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231144 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/231163 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241092 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241228 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241190 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241212 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241354 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/3+Den41827 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241228 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241105 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241144 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/241163 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251092 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251228 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251190 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251212 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251354 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/3+Den51827 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251585 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251144 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER2/251163 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER3/211442 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER3/221487 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER3/231487 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER3/241487 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER3/251487 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER3/351563 + N/A
SOUTH TOWER4/523654 + N/A
NORTH TOWER1/1.51806 + N/A

Artecity Building Stats

Condos for Sale and for Rent
Total Condos
For Sale 48% of building
For Rent 23% of building
71% of building
Sales History
Number of sold condos by month
March 2020
February 2020
January 2020
December 2019
November 2019
October 2019
Recent sales
Sales Stats
Key averages for the building
$ 563,334
Avg List Price
$ 656
Avg List Price / Sq Ft
$ 395,000*
Avg Sale Price
$ 414*
Avg Sale Price / Sq Ft
Avg Days on Market
*past six months

Artecity Recent Sales

UnitBed/BathSq FtSale Price$/Sq FtSale Date

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