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The Miami Worldcenter Held a Job Fair for Hundreds of Residents in Overtown

by Sep Niakan | July 22, 2015

Developers held a job fair in Overtown, in light of the city commission voting on a Community Development District for the Miami Worldcenter. About 500 Miami residents were present, looking for opportunities to work, according to developers of...

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Miami Worldcenter Will Receive Permits for Construction in Third Quarter of 2015

by Sep Niakan | July 07, 2015

Construction for the Miami Worldcenter is set to begin in the third quarter of 2015, after the Planning Department approved the designs recently. The approval that the Planning Department gave allows for the development team to apply for...


Miami Worldcenter May Be Offering Fewer Jobs to Locals

by Sep Niakan | January 29, 2015

City Commissioners have voted to change an agreement for the $1 billion Miami Worldcenter project that that sets lower local hiring goals. The new agreement was to get two $1 million grants to restaurant owners in Overtown, give a raise to the...

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New Yacht Skyview Deck Has Been Announced for Miami Worldcenter

by Sep Niakan | January 28, 2015

Miami Worldcenter has kept their designs a secret for a long time, but as many brokers are entering into the Worldcenter, the designs are leaking out. Michael Light, broker for Keller Williams Realty, has posted this first rendering of the so...

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Harvey Hernandez’s Newgard Plans Office Tower, Hotel At Worldcenter

by Sep Niakan | January 19, 2015

Harvey Hernandez will be creating a 250,000 square-foot office tower in the complex of the upcoming megaproject, Miami Worldcenter. Newgard Development, Hernadez’s company, have chosen to withhold the brand name of the new hotel for the...

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City Officials Unanimously Vote to Approve Miami Worldcenter

by Sep Niakan | October 13, 2014

Commissioners for the city of Miami have all agreed in a vote to approve zoning changes, as well as a development agreement, that allows the Miami Worldcenter to continue. City officials listened to the public comment and debate the changes for...

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Board Approves Changes to Zoning for the Miami Worldcenter

by Sep Niakan | September 17, 2014

Miami Worldcenter’s zoning changes were approved by every member of Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board at their most recent meeting. About 90% of the property owners who spoke up at the zoning meeting were in agreement with...

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Broker Demands to See Miami Worldcenter Financial Documents

by Sep Niakan | August 20, 2014

Edie Laquer, a commercial broker in Miami, is demanding to see financial documents related to the Miami Worldcenter. Laquer is requesting documents from Arthur Falcone and Marc Roberts, principals of Miami Worldcenter, in response to...

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Miami Worldcenter and the City sued over street closures

by Sep Niakan | June 27, 2014

Opponents of the Miami Worldcenter project are suing the developer and the City of Miami in attempt to delay the closure of several streets for the massive downtown development. Omnipark/West Redevelopment Association, along...

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Updated Plans Revealed for Marriott At Miami Worldcenter

by Sep Niakan | June 27, 2014

Miami Worldcenter decision-makers have submitted requests to enlarge their zoning area to include an all new megahotel and convention center, the Marriott At Miami Worldcenter. The developer, MDM Group, plans to convert the old Grand Central...