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Three New High Rise Towers Will Soon Replace Some Old Retail Centers

Three New High Rise Towers Will Soon Replace Some Old Retail Centers

by Sep Niakan | May 08, 2015

Downtown Miami has had a few new high rise projects proposed recently, with heights from 831-feet to 1,001-feet.

March 19 marked the proposal for an 831-foot tower located at 101 Southeast First Avenue. It would take the place of the currently standing Ultramont Mall. The mall is an almost 95,000 square-foot retail complex that sits on almost 60,000 square-feet of land.

This site is across the street from the 625-foot Centrust Tower, known more commonly as the Miami Tower, which displays many beautiful lights in the nighttime. Schapiro Associates, the architect of Ultramont, planned for the design to last 10 years, which would have expired in 1993.

Another project will take the place of a shopping center on the plot located at 255 East Flagler Street. Clocked at 837-feet for one, and 1,001-feet for the other, the project will consist of twin high rise towers. There are approximately 110,000 square-feet of land on the plot, and it sits across the street from 50 Biscayne and Suntrust Tower. 



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