Guide to Buying a Condo Hotel (Condotel) in Miami - FAQs and More

Founder, & Owner/Broker, HB Roswell Realty
Guide to Buying a Condo Hotel (Condotel) in Miami - FAQs and More
Founder, & Owner/Broker, HB Roswell Realty

Jan 02, 2019 January 02, 2019

Miami has been the playground of choice for beach lovers, party goers and tourists in general for ages. The constant demand from people wanting to live and play here makes Miami a natural pick for the concept of condo hotels. Almost every major hospitality brand out there either has one or is in the process of putting a new condo hotel in the city. But, what is a condo hotel? What makes it a good investment? Why would anyone choose a condo hotel over a traditional condo or a timeshare? Find answers to such frequently asked questions and more below in our complete guide to buying a condo hotel in Miami.

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Acqualina Ocean Residences
Acqualina Ocean Residences

What is a Condo Hotel and How Does it Work?

Condo hotels are typically high-rises operated by hotel brands. These are generally built close to popular vacation destinations. The condo-hotel units are reserved for sale to individuals who would like to own them as a second home or vacation property, and owners then have the option to place their condo in the hotel’s rental program to earn a revenue while they’re away.

Perhaps the best part of buying a unit in a condo hotel is that the owner inherits all of the 5-star amenities, services and luxuries associated with the hotel brand. Typical amenities include signature spa services, fine dining, nightclubs, lounges, lavish pools, room service, concierge desk and housekeeping.

To the average guest, a condo hotel unit might seem no different than a regular hotel suite, but the key difference is that it is individually owned.

Condo Hotels: One Residence, Many Names

A condo hotel goes by many names. It is mostly known as a condominium hotel, hotel condo, and of course, condo hotel in the U.S. Internationally such residences are popularly known as condotels.

Advantages of Owning a Condo Hotel Vs. Traditional Vacation Condo

Before delving into the details of buying or owning a condo hotel, let’s take a look at the various advantages a condotel owner gets by default:

Hassle-free vacation home with signature hotel amenities. One of the biggest attractions of buying a condo hotel suite as a vacation home is getting access to all the facilities of a full service resort. While housekeeping, room service and a concierge take care of things during your stay, the hotel team or an on-site management company can take over once you’re away.

Hospitality-grade, professional managed rental program. Another great advantage of being part of a brand is that if you put your suite in the hotel’s rental program, you have a professional team with years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality sector working to your advantage. Not only does your suite get the advantage of a professionally managed marketing team, but also a multi-million-dollar global reservation system keeping your suite in the limelight and generating revenue all year long. This, of course, comes with the hotel getting a share of your revenue.

On the other hand, in case you decide not to use the hotel’s rental program and prefer hiring a third-party management company to do an airbnb for example, you then get to keep a bigger share of the revenue while still enjoying all the leverages and benefits associated with the hotel’s brand.

Income known to offset ownership expenses. Just like a regular vacation condo, a hotel condo too comes with its own set of expenses like monthly fees, maintenance and repairs, short term rental taxes, etc. However, with the hotel’s rental program looking to generate a regular stream of income, many are able to offset the cost of ownership and even book profits on their suite.

Two-fold appreciation. Any kind of property is known to be an appreciable asset. One unique advantage to a condo hotel is that if the image of the hotel brand improves over time that can increase your property rental rates and possibly your property value.

Icon Brickell III (W Miami)
Icon Brickell III (W Miami)

Difference between a Timeshare and Condo Hotel

No joint ownership. Unlike a timeshare, wherein several owners get to use the same property as a vacation home, a hotel condo is individually owned.

No fixed time for vacation. Since you do not share ownership of your condotel suite, the concept of time sharing is also ruled out. In a timeshare, co-owners usually agree upon the amount of vacation time they can have on the property, which is typically the same 1-2 weeks a year. However, in a condo-hotel since you are the sole owner of your suite, you get to decide the number of days and times a year you could use your vacation condo (this, is of course, after due consultation with the hotel on blackout dates, if you are enrolled in the hotel rental program).

Easier to resell. The concept of sharing ownership and splitting time with others in itself can be a turn off for many buyers. However, since a condo hotel suite is individually owned, it is has a higher probability of appreciating over time and is easier to resell.

Is a Condo Hotel the Right Choice for Me?

If you answer yes to the following, then a condotel would be the right choice for you:

  • You only plan on using it as a vacation property
  • You only plan on visiting for a small percentage of the year
  • You like the idea of owning a slice of luxury in a world-class hotel brand
  • Earning rental income while not using it is a priority

Is Buying a Condo Hotel a Good Investment?

Just like any other investment vehicle, whether this turns out to be a smart pick or not actually depends on your needs and choices. Here are a few elements that impact your return on investment:

  • Not all hotel brands are built the same. Your revenue directly depends on your hotel condo’s brand image and management. The stronger the brand value and management, the more you can expect to earn per night. This means it becomes extremely important to choose the right brand in accordance with your investment capability.
  • Revenue splits. If you chose to enroll in the hotel’s rental program, keep in mind that you will be splitting revenues with the establishment. This means you could pocket anywhere between 35-60 percent of the earnings, depending on which condo-hotel you choose. However, a 35% cut from a well-established, high-end brand could end up giving you better annual returns than a 60% cut from a weaker brand.
  • Projected data limitations. Since developers are only allowed to sell condo hotels as real estate and not investments (according to the Securities and Exchange Commission), you will not be given any data on occupancy forecasts, proposed rates or expected rate of returns for pre-construction projects. However, existing properties can share historical data about earnings, which can give you a fair idea of what to expect.
  • No guarantees on occupancy rates or income. Again, since the SEC restricts sharing any kind of projected data, no realtor or developer will commit to any kind of income or rate estimates. Also, your condo hotel earnings will be just as vulnerable to economic or political climate change as the rest of the hospitality industry. So, the only thing one can do to safeguard their investment is to look into the checklist below and ensure a good buy.

Mondrian - Photo credit: Ken Hayden Photography

How to Ensure your Condo Hotel is a Successful Buy?

Once you’ve decided that a condo hotel is the right choice for you, then do look into the following checklist to ensure that it turns out to be a smart buy as well:

  • Good location. Make sure your condo-hotel sits in or near a popular vacation destination or at least in a neighborhood frequented by tourists.
  • Strong brand. Brand value is one of the most basic things that will help ensure better marketing, higher occupancy rates and earnings per night.
  • Attractive amenities. What’s a hotel without its amenities, right? Make sure that the amenities are at par with what you spend. After all, spending more than a million-dollars should fetch ultra-luxury amenities in a 5-star establishment.
  • Solid management. Even the most enticing amenities can turn lackluster without the proper care and maintenance. A solid management should make sure that your suite and the hotel is always in tip-top condition.
  • Survey around. Make sure you check out neighboring properties, condo hotels in different parts of the city, the unit itself (if it’s ready), prices of similar condo hotels, etc. before taking a final call.
  • Read the fine print. Make sure you know about your association’s fees and rules, any restrictions, details on the rental program, it’s blackout dates and revenue splits. An informed decision is the best decision.
  • Ask a lot of questions, especially if it’s your first. This is the only time you have to ask as many questions as you want and clear every doubt you may have. Once you sign the dotted line, there’s little that can be done after.

Key Questions to Ask Before Buying A Condo Hotel

  • How does the hotel’s rental program work?
  • Is it mandatory for you to participate in the hotel’s rental program?
  • How are rental revenues split? What percentage do you get?
  • How long before you come to stay will you have to notify management?
  • Are there any blackout dates? (Blackout dates are generally peak vacation times or holidays when your suite is compulsorily blocked for renting out.)
  • Is there any restriction on the number of days you can stay/rent out your suite?
  • Will you have to stick to the check-in/check-out timing too?
  • Is your unit furnished? Is the current furniture in the unit acceptable if you want to place it in the hotel program?
  • Who will manage the property? (The hotel team and management team can be two separate entities.)
  • When are proceeds distributed?
  • How much access will you have to the hotel’s amenities?
  • What are your voting rights and how much access will you have to property books and records?
  • What if a guest damages the furniture in your suite?
  • Can you use the hotel facilities even when not occupying your suite?
  • Who is responsible for paying the property tax on your suite?
  • Can the condo hotel be financed?

Staying in the Hotel’s Rental Program Vs. Managing Without One

Joining the hotel’s rental program

  • You have an experienced sales team, an expert in the field of hospitality, marketing your suite all year long.
  • The hotel’s worldwide, multi-million-dollar reservation system is used to market, manage and track rentals. The outreach of such programs is usually immense.
  • Besides the hotel’s brand image and marketing techniques, your suite will be listed on the website and sophisticated apps posted by the hotel, making your room more visible and accessible.
  • You will have to split a fixed percentage of the revenue with the hotel, which may or may not match your investment goals.
  • Blackout dates can be a concern, especially when you wish to spend major holidays or peak vacation weeks in your vacation suite.

Going solo (i.e. Airbnb)

  • You can either dedicate your extra time or hire a third party to manage your rentals. We’ll be happy to advise you about some of the best property management companies in Miami to make your search easier.
  • You get to keep a lot more of your revenues. If you are not in the hotel rental program, you are typically not required to share your revenues with the hotel.
  • You or the company you hire need to be dedicated towards the proper marketing and management of your rentals to generate a steady flow of income.
  • You have full control over when you do and do not want to rent out your unit.

Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour
Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour

Typical Expenses for a Condo-Hotel Owner

Just like a regular condo, your condotel suite entails a monthly association fee that generally covers utilities such as gas, water, electricity, internet, cable TV; common area maintenance; reserves for furniture repair; accrual of future expenses such as room remodeling; management costs; building insurance; and other expenses generally covered by traditional condo fees.

Additionally, you will be responsible for paying insurance (there will be details in the official documents on specifics), real estate taxes and any other unique expenses detailed in the agreement with the hotel operator.

The hotel will be responsible for paying for its costs of operation such as salaries, marketing, reservation systems and other direct hotel expenses.

Can a Condo Hotel be Financed?

Yes, plenty of lenders are willing to finance condo hotel units nowadays. However, what’s worth noting is that since banks perceive these units as an investment property rather than a residential property, loan rates and down payment requirements are generally higher. Another reason for higher rates is that lenders assume a greater risk of financing an investment property versus a primary residence, as in, they believe an individual is more likely to default on a payment for an investment residence as opposed to a permanent residence.

Alternatives to Condo-Hotels for Short Term Rentals

Some looking for condo-hotels ultimately simply want to have a vacation condo they can rent out whenever they are not using it. Many condos in Miami and Miami Beach allow for either daily, monthly or seasonal rentals, which can offer a practical alternative to condo-hotels.

To make it easier for you, we put together a list of condos in the Miami and Miami Beach area that allow short term rentals for you.


All in all, condo hotels are a great way to enjoy a fabulous property, located in some of the top tourist destinations of the world, powered by a world-renowned hospitality brand. It also works out to be a great investment opportunity, where the rental income mostly ends up covering regular expenses and still leaves room for profits.

Miami has a huge variety of condo hotels and we’ll be more than happy to pair you with the best fit. Feel free to give us a call at 786-930-4220 or email us at to help you with your search for the best condo hotel, or browse through below to get started.

W South Beach
W South Beach

A List of Condo Hotels in Miami

Condo NameAddressNeighborhoodCityZip CodeProperty TypeRental PolicyYear builtPrice RangesArea (sq ft)
1 Hotel & Homes102 24th StSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily, only hotel program2014$1,170,000 - $5,950,000866-2,200
1010 Brickell1010 Brickell AveBrickellMiami33131Condo3 months, 2 times a year2017360,000-1,578,000442-2,650
1060 Brickell1050 Brickell Ave & 1060 Brickell AveBrickellMiami33131Condo30 days, 3 times a year2013235,000-​1,250,000551-2,238
1818 Meridian House1818 Meridian AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-Hotel1956$199,000-​$370,000357-816
400 Sunny Isles400 Sunny Isles BlvdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 days min, twice a year2016645,000-3,500,0001,090-3,140
5600 Collins5600 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140Condo30 day minimum1969269,000-​799,900930-1,750
8000 Condo8000 Harding AveNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo30 dayscontact us
ABAE (1215 on West)1215 West AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily, only hotel program2016299,000-425,000442-504
Acqualina Ocean Residences17875 Collins Ave and 17885 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 days minimum2008$1,999,000 - $6,990,0002,031-5,775
Akoya6365 Collins AveNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo30 day minimum, weekly apparently allowed2005225,900-​2,100,000260-1,761
Alden Hotel Condo2925 Indian Creek DrMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-Hotel2004189,900-​189,900288
Artecity Governor432 21st StSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 days, 12 times a year2012259,000-​2,975,000579-3,382
Aventura Beach Club / Marco Polo Residences19201 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160CondoDaily1966$84,000 - $265,000360-680
Barbizon Beach Club530 Ocean DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139CondoDailycontact us
Bayshore Yacht & Tennis Club7904 West DrNorth Bay VillageNorth Bay Village33141CondoDaily1963119,900-175,000386-647
Bel-Air on the Ocean6515 Collins AveNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo30 days, 12 times a year2005425,000-850,000667-1,128
Bentley Beach Hilton101 Ocean DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily2004$665,000 - $1,090,000515-640
Biscayne Beach2900 NE 7th veEdgewaterMiami33137CondoNo minimum, but can't rent more than twice a year2016440,000-​9,900,000790-8,434
Boulan220 21st StSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-Hotel2010$769,000-​$769,0001025
Brickell Flatiron1001 S Miami AveBrickellMiami33130Condo30 days minimum2019430,000-​2,050,000737-2,592
Brickell Heights East45 SW 9th StBrickellMiami33130Condo30 days, 3 times a year2017320,000-​1,900,000620-2,543
Brickell Heights West55 SW 9th StBrickellMiami33130Condo30 days, 12 times a year2017329,900-1,999,000592-2,366
Brickell Ten1010 SW 2nd AveBrickellMiami33130Condo90 day minimum2016297,000-​1,020,000722-1,735
BrickellHouse1300 Brickell Bay DrBrickellMiami33131Condo30 day minimum, 12x2015239,000-​6,500,000362-7,585
Bristol Condo1350 Pennsylvania AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 day minimum, 12 times a yearcontact us
Canvas1600 NE 1st AveArts & Entertainment DistrictMiami33132Condo30 days2019295,000-640,000620-1,110
Carillon Resort and Condo (Center Tower)6801 Collins AveNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo-HotelDaily ok2010$425,000 - $1,950,000662-1,285
Carlyle Deco Hotel1250 Ocean DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily ok1941$749,999-$​772,5001,046-1,387
Carriage Club North5005 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo30 days, 12 times a year1964309,900-​739,000938-1,433
Casa Grande834 Ocean DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-Hotel1923contact us
Casablanca6345 Collins AveNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo-HotelDaily ok1948$190,500 - $239,000320-350
Castle Beach Club5445 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140CondoNo restrictions1966179,900-​1,490,000330-2,070
Centro151 SE 1st StDowntown MiamiMiami33131Condo30 day minimum2016199,000-​600,000430-1,173
Cite on the Bay2000 N Bayshore Dr/2001 BiscayneEdgewaterMiami33137Condo30 day minimum2007247,000-​575,000713-1,476
Congress Hotel - Strand Condo1024-1060 Ocean DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelNo restrictions2005$379,000 - $720,000451-729
Conrad Mayfield1395 Brickell AveBrickellMiami33131Condo-Hotel2008$280,000 - $1,549,000729-2,082
David William700 Biltmore WayCoral GablesCoral Gables33134Condo-Hotel1963$149,000 - $432,600420-1,086
Decoplage100 Lincoln RdSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 day minimum1965260,000-​2,100,000515-1,490
Edge on Brickell55 SW Miami Ave RdBrickellMiami33130Condo2022contact us
Eloquence on the Bay7928 East DrNorth Bay VillageNorth Bay Village33141Condo30 days, 12 times a year2009315,000-1,600,000828-3,292
Emilia Edgewater481 NE 29th StEdgewaterMiami33137CondoDaily, no restrictions2016249,000-​469,000641-853
Empire Condo750 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDailycontact us
Epic200 Biscayne Blvd.Downtown MiamiMiami33131Condo30 x 12 for furnished / 180 x 2 for unfurnished2012$380,000 - $3,000,000799-3,362
Estates at Acqualina17901 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 days minimum, 4 times a year2019$4,100,000-36,000,0002,908-5,148
Faena Hotel Residences3201 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-HotelDaily okcontact us
Fairview House17500-17600 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 or 901980299,000-475,000800-1,320
Flamingo1500 Bay RdSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 day minimum2010199,000-​1,250,000454-2,029
Fontainebleau II Tresor4441 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-Hotel2008$669,000 - $3,200,000491-1,557
Fontainebleau III Sorrento4391 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-Hotel2008$632,000 - $7,900,000521-3,300
Fortune House 185 Southeast 14th TerraceBrickellMiami33131Condo-HotelDaily ok1998$239,000 - $410,000640-950
Fountainebleau 4441 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-HotelDaily?2008669,000-​3,200,000491-1,557
Four Seasons Residences Brickell1435 Brickell AveBrickellMiami33131Condo-HotelDaily ok2013329,000-​25,000,000611-8,803
Golden Bay Club17050 N Bay RdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 days minimum, 4 times a yearcontact us
Gran Paraiso480 Ne 31 StEdgewaterMiami33137Condo30 days min, 3 times a year2018770,000-​2,000,0001,062-2,246
Grand1717 N Bayshore DrEdgewaterMiami33132CondoDaily ok19861,800-​2,500,000985-4,014
Hampton on Washington Ave710 Washington AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 dayscontact us
Hyde3401 NE 1st AveMidtownMiami33137Condo30 day minimum2017364,900-​1,600,000700-1,353
Icon Brickell III (W Miami)485 Brickell AveBrickellMiami33131Condo-HotelNo restrictions2011$345,000 - $780,000495-1,459
Jade Brickell1331 Brickell Bay DrBrickellMiami33131Condo3 months, 4 times a year2006380,000-​6,000,000895-4,015
King David17555 Atlantic BlvdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 day minimum2005$379,000-700,0001,200-1,449
La Perla16699 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo12 times a year, not sure if 30 day min or less2005260,000-1,250,000352-1,1715
Latitude on the River185 SW 7th StBrickellMiami33130Condo90 days, 4 times a year2008219,500-​540,000580-1,486
Le Cartier201 178th DrSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo1 day or 7 days, not sure1972215,000-315,000757-907
Le Laurier17800 N Bay RdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 day minimum, 12 times a year1992
Loft Downtown I234 NE 3rd StreetDowntown MiamiMiami33132Condo30 days, 12 times a year2006187,000-350,000625-1,185
Loft Downtown II133 NE 2nd AveDowntown MiamiMiami33132Condo30 days, 12 times a year2008189,000-​420,000637-1,153
M Resort Residences18683 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo-HotelDaily2005$384,900 - $1,050,000688-1,497
Marbella Tower200 178th StSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo7 or 30 days, not sure1976$229,000-395,0001,000-1,310
Marenas Beach Resort18683 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo-HotelDaily2005$380,000-​$1,050,000688-1,497
Marina Bay Club18100 N Bay RdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo2002$470,000 - $650,0001,150-1,414
Midblock3250 NE 1st AveMidtownMiami33137CondoDaily ok2014265,000-​494,900726-1,269
Mondrian1100 West AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily ok2008$3,000 - $870,000477-1,190
Monterrey1611 Meridian AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 dayscontact us
Mosaic3801 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140Condo90 day minimum20091,150,000-​4,150,0001,212-3,331
Mutiny Park2889 McFarlane RdCoconut GroveCoconut Grove33133Condo-HotelDaily ok2001$440,000 - $799,000686-1,183
MyBrickell31 SE 6th StBrickellMiami33131Condo30 days, 12 times a year2014205,000-​520,000545-1,195
Nautica5870 Indian Creek DrMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo30 days, 12 times a year2004499,000-588,0001,386-1,522
Newport Beachside16701 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo-Hotel1966$22,500-​$22,500360
Nine at Mary Brickell999 SW 1st AveBrickellMiami33130Condo30 day minimum, 12 times a year2015330,000-​1,200,000694-1,903
Ocean Manor4040 Galt Ocean DrFort LauderdaleFort LauderdaleCondo-HotelDaily ok (condo-hotel)contact us
Ocean Place225 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139CondoWeekly?2004$449,000-1,400,000723-1,362
Ocean Point Beach Club17375 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo-HotelDaily if in hotel program, or if not in hotel program, then 3 months (6 months max), 3 times a year2001$344,900 - $1,250,000930-1,900
Ocean Reserve19370 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160CondoDaily if unit registered for short term rentals1972$259,000-500,0001,005-1,665
Ocean Spray4130 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-Hotel1936$167,000-​$249,000214-269
Ocean Villas3710 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33140CondoDailycontact us
Ocean Walk on South Beach335 Ocean DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo1939$219,000 - $545,000200-450
Oceanfront Plaza2625 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33140Condo90 day minimum1980$417,000-625,0001075-1093
Okan Tower555 N. Miami AveDowntownMiami33136Condo-HotelDaily2021contact us
Olsen Hotel Condo7300 Ocean TerraceNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo-Hotel1940contact us
One Hotel & Homes102 24th StSouth BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-HotelDaily20141,170,000-​8,900,000866-3,278
One Miami335 and 325 S Biscayne BlvdDowntown MiamiMiami33131Condo30 days2006225,000-​999,000507-1,792
One Paraiso3131 Ne 7th AveEdgewaterMiami33137Condo30 days min, 3 times a year2017749,900-​5,450,0001,124-3,619
Opera Tower1750 N Bayshore DrEdgewaterMiami33132CondoDaily ok 305-503-05102011199,000-​1,199,000401-2,096
Paraiso Bay650 Ne 32nd StEdgewaterMiami33137Condo30 days min, 3 times a year2018498,000-​3,500,000915-4,210
Paraiso Bayviews501 NE 31 StEdgewaterMiami33137Condo30 days min, 12 times a year2017349,999-​1,615,900247-2,551
Paramount Bay2020 N Bayshore DrEdgewaterMiami33137Condo90 day minimum2012549,000-​1,890,0001,128-1,708
Peloro6620 Indian Creek DrNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo30 days, 12 times a year2016360,000-​990,000652-1,260
Pinnacle17555 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 days, 4 times a year1998$279,000-4,499,0001,590-4,500
Plaza Brickell950 Brickell Bay DrBrickellMiami33131Condo30 day minimum, 12x2008259,000-​800,000628-1,398
Porto Bellagio17100-17150 N Bay RdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo120 days, 3 times a year2003$259,000-575,000645-1,353
Q Club (Hilton)505 N Fort Lauderdale Beach BlvdFort LauderdaleFort LauderdaleCondo-HotelDaily ok (condo-hotel)contact us
Residences at the Miami Beach Edition2901 Collins AveMid-BeachMiami Beach33139Condo2014$3,300,000+
Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour10295 Collins AveBal HarbourBal Harbour33154Condo-Hotel2008$495,000 - $5,900,000510-3,317
Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove3300, 3340, 3350 and 3400 SW 27 AveCoconut GroveCoconut Grove33133Condo-Hotel2001$465,000 - $1,850,000936-4,000
Roney Palace2301 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 day minimum2015354,900-​2,275,000600-1,640
Royal South Beach763 Pennsylvania AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139CondoDailycontact us
Sands Pointe16711 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 or 60 or 90, not sure1998$684,000-1,980,0001,730-2,120
Seacoast 51515151/5161 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140Condo30 day minimum, 12x (but owners have been renting weekly/possibly daily)1967349,900-​1,500,000910-3,127
Setai2001 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily2005$1,499,000 - $8,300,000767-2,558
Shelbourne1801 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily?1940$375,000 - $1,200,000220-940
SLS Brickell1300 S Miami AveBrickellMiami33130CondoDaily ok for the condo-hotel units2017375,000-​1,890,000570-2,084
SLS Lux801 S Miami AveBrickellMiami33131Condo3 months, 3 times a year2018427,900-​6,200,000485-3,173
Smart Brickell (pre-construction)243-245 SW 9th StBrickellMiami33130CondoDaily, but only 24 times a year2020contact us
Sole17315 ColinsSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo-HotelDaily ok (condo-hotel)2007279,000-​1,100,000644-1,201
St Regis Center Tower9703 Collins AveBal HarbourBal Harbour33154Condo-Hotel30 day minimum (the north and south towers are 6 months, just FYI)20122,175,000-​10,950,0001,261-3,912
St Tropez150-250 Sunny Isles BlvdSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 or 90, not sure, I believe it's 902009580,000-1,990,0001,447-3,275
Sunshine Bay1441 Lincoln RdSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 dayscontact us
Terra Beachside6000 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140CondoFlexible, short term ok2010$365,000-935,5001,011-2,049
The Alexander5225 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140Condo-Hotel30 day minimum, 12x1962$439,000 - $950,000960-1,490
The Bogart700 16th StSouth BeachMiami Beach33139CondoDaily ok apparentlycontact us
The Bond on Brickell1080 Brickell AveBrickellMiami33131Condo30 day minimum, 12 times a year2016314,000-​1,599,000506-2,236
The Club at Brickell1200 Brickell Bay DrBrickellMiami33131CondoDaily ok2014198,500-​455,000425-1,245
The Collins6917 Collins AveNorth BeachMiami Beach33141Condo30 day minimum1969313,000-​1,060,000806-1,238
The Crimson601 NE 27th StEdgewaterMiami33137Condo90 day minimum2016$349,000-1,375,000764-2,100
The Mark1155 Brickell Bay DrBrickellMiami33131Condo30 day minimum, 12x2001299,000-​1,799,000750-1,940
The Mercury100 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139CondoDaily ok1921$274,000-​$825,000430-766
The Mutiny2951 S. Bayshore DrCoconut GroveCoconut Grove33133Condo-hotelDaily ok1998$299,000-595,000620-960
The Pavilion5601 Collins AveMid BeachMiami Beach33140Condo30 day minimum, 12x (but owners have been renting weekly/possibly daily)1968295,000-​630,000910-1,460
The Sails Condo1401 Bay DrSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo30 days, 12 times a yearcontact us
The Surf Club Four Seasons9011-9111 Collins AveSurfsideSurfside331542016$3,725,000 - $15,995,0002,024-5,822
Tower 414101 Pine Tree DrMid BeachMiami Beach33140CondoDaily1974contact us
Triton Tower2899 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo90 dayscontact us
Trump International18001 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo-Hoteldaily ok2013$260,900 - $1,595,000457-1,478
Trump Tower I16001 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 or 90, not sure2008$500,000-3,700,0001,435-2,955
Trump Tower II15901 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 or 90, not sure2009$195,000-$2,599,000300-2,928
Trump Tower III15811 Collins AveSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo30 or 90, not sure2010$500,000-2,625,0001,463-2,928
Trump Towers16001 CollinsSunny Isles BeachSunny Isles Beach33160Condo90 day minimum2008500,000-​3,700,0001,435-2,955
Vizcayne244 Biscayne Blvd & 253 NE 3rd StDowntown MiamiMiami33132Condo3 month minimum2011208,990-​2,350,000506-3,281
W Hotel South Beach2201 Collins AveSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelDaily ok2009$915,000-​12,500,000490-2,960
Waldorf Astoria300 Biscayne BlvdDowntownMiami33132Condo-hotelDaily ok2020contact us
Waverly at Surfside Beach9201 Collins AveSurfsideSurfside33154Condo90 days2003$535,000-925,000930-1,323
YotelPad227 NE 2nd StDowntownMiami33132Condo-HotelDaily ok2020contact us
Z Ocean Hotel 1437 CollinsSouth BeachMiami Beach33139Condo-HotelNo restrictions2007$309,000-445,000500

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Condo Living Etiquette: How to Be a Better Neighbor
Opinions and Advice Condo Living Etiquette: How to Be a Better Neighbor
Condo living is a blend of living in your own private world while coexisting with neighbors who share the comfort, convenience, and perks that the condo community provides. In order to show respect and consideration for your neighbors and keep the community energy flowing harmoniously, observing some neighborly etiquette can make life easier for everyone. We’ve put together a list to help you be a better neighbor. Say HelloIt takes only a second to say hello when you run into your neighbors in the lobby or elevator. Don’t earn yourself a reputation as being a stick-in-the-mud. Be nice. It costs nothing and goes a long way toward friendly community living. Keep the Noise DownNoise is a primary complaint among neighbors living in close quarters. Observe the rules in your building regarding noise levels after certain hours, and always show consideration for your neighbors who may maintain unusual work schedules. Don’t stomp your feet, hammer nails, or drag heavy furniture around...
Miami’s New and Pre-Construction Condo Update: June 2019
Real Estate News Miami’s New and Pre-Construction Condo Update: June 2019
The market is abuzz with condo pre-construction updates this July. We have the late Zaha Hadid-designed One Thousand Museum finally moving ahead with closings. Natiivo (Powered by Airbnb) launched sales. And, the Related Group has a new condo proposal for Terminal Island. Read on for details on these and more updates below: Foundation Pour Aston Martin Residences – Downtown 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, Florida, 33131 This first-ever residential undertaking by Aston Martin witnessed the largest concrete foundation pour to date in Miami. After all, it is designed to rise 66 stories and become the tallest residential development South of New York City. This unique windsail-design building features the only deep-water superyacht marina in Downtown Miami, along with signature Aston Martin touches throughout its common spaces. Other amenities include an infinity pool, sky lounge, two cinemas, kids’ rooms, an art gallery, spa and barber station, optional personal butler service...
Island Gardens Mega-Yacht Marina and Resort Project Moving Forward on Watson Island
Real Estate News Island Gardens Mega-Yacht Marina and Resort Project Moving Forward on Watson Island
On Watson Island, now known as Jungle Island, the Flagstone Island Gardens development firm has been litigating with the City of Miami and winning. The firm is expecting a settlement exceeding $100M from the City so they can proceed with their $1 billion luxury Island Gardens marina and resort project.   After a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge ruled in 2016 that the City violated a lease and illegally derailed the project for years, another ruled in March of this year that the City owes Flagstone more than the $1.5 million security deposit they paid on the project, due to "injury Flagstone suffered directly from the city’s years of delay." Flagstone is seeking a sum of about $122 million they claim to have invested in the project, which has been on the table for almost 15 years. The Island Gardens project consists of a luxury resort hotel, with high-end retail and dining, and a waterside deck set in a tropical garden, all designed with 360° views of the Miami city skyline and...
Short Term Rental Property Investment?: AirBnB Pre-construction Condo Opportunities in Miami
Real Estate News Short Term Rental Property Investment?: AirBnB Pre-construction Condo Opportunities in Miami
It’s no secret that there’s money to be made in short term vacation rental investments, particularly in a year-round sunny location with great beaches, awesome nightlife, and legendary shopping, such as Miami. In fact Airbnb rental hosts in South Florida welcomed some 1.47 million guests in 2018, earning about $315 million in the process. And business is booming as more and more tourists visit South Florida yearly. Miami a Top Pick for Airbnb Investment Ironically, while Miami is an ideal location for Airbnb investment property, Airbnb did not exactly encounter a welcome committee in Miami, and particularly in Miami Beach, where the local hotel industry wields lots of power and influence. In fact, the city of Miami Beach and Airbnb have been in litigation for a couple of years now. Property owners have been fined as much as $20,000 for listing their properties on short term rental sites such as,, and others. New Airbnb-approved Condo Projects Have City’s...
New Hotel Proposed to replace Bentley Edgewater Condo Hotel
Real Estate News New Hotel Proposed to replace Bentley Edgewater Condo Hotel
A new eight-story boutique hotel has been proposed in Edgewater to replace the 36-story Bentley Edgewater condo hotel project that was recently scrapped. Developer Amaury Martinez is proposing to build The Edgewater Hotel, a 207-key hotel that will encompass nearly 159,000-square-feet of area and is earmarked for construction at 410 Northeast 35th Terrace.   While the developers have hinted that the new construction would be a Holiday Inn branded hotel, this has not been confirmed.   The eight-story construction in Edgewater is proposed to include a parking garage accommodating 139 parking spaces with valet-only access, as well as a pool and deck on the third floor, along with the usual array of resort amenities such as a spa and fitness center. The proposed hotel will house 207 rooms and is set to be designed by Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design.The property will also include some 2,850 square feet of ground level commercial space to accommodate retail, small...
Luxury Condo Project Moving Forward on McArthur Causeway’s Terminal Island
Real Estate News Luxury Condo Project Moving Forward on McArthur Causeway’s Terminal Island
Terminal Island is a small, triangular island off the MacArthur Causeway that up until now has not been developed for residential use. The island has been used primarily to house the fleet maintenance of vehicles such as police cars, and sanitation buildings for the City of Miami Beach, as well as a gas station for city vehicles, an electric plant, and the Fisher Island ferry terminal. There’s also an active Coast Guard station on a nearby neighboring island.   At the moment, a new condo project proposed by Related Group will start moving forward with plans to build a 35-story luxury condo tower housing some 90 residential units on Terminal island. To convince the City of Miami Beach to grant the required permit to build a 400-foot residential tower in an industrial zone, Related Group has proposed to build the city a new fleet maintenance building, providing a badly needed upgrade to the current structure. While city officials are tempted by the developer’s offer, the U.S. Coast...